William Temple Church Community Centre
Eynsham Drive, Abbey Wood, London SE2 9PT

About us

Neutral Ground is a safe and friendly Child Contact Centre where parents and children who live apart, can spend time together. Families use Neutral Ground to develop or maintain a relationship with the parent or members of the family they live apart from. This service is provided free of charge.

Neutral Ground children

The centre facilitates and supports arrangements which parents have already agreed, often with the help of a conciliation service, solicitors or the courts.

Neutral Ground provides parents a step in the right direct in making other arrangements to see their children.

The Neutral Ground centre is equipped with toys and games and has both indoor and outdoor areas.

Parents who do not wish to meet each other can use the centre as a handover point as we have two entrances.

Neutral Ground is staffed by trained volunteers who help to ensure there is a positive and enjoyable experience for both the children and parents.

There is no charge for using Neutral Ground.