William Temple Church Community Centre
Eynsham Drive, Abbey Wood, London SE2 9PT

Information for referrers

We offer supported and handover contact but do not offer supervised contact. Our facilities enable children to develop and maintain positive relationships with non-resident parents and possibly other family members.

We do not charge for using the centre. However a small charge is made for refreshments.

Supported contact and handover includes:
• Impartiality
• Staff and volunteers available for assistance. Please note there is no close observation
• Several families usually together in the contact rooms
• No detailed report will be made to referrers, courts, solicitors etc apart from attendance dates and times.

How to make a referral for contact

Requests should be made by sending the appropriate self - referral or professional referral form (opposite) by e-mail to: contact@neutralground.info
Our co-ordinator will contact you in due course to arrange a pre-contact visit at the centre.